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Computing Sciences

Applications Programming Interface (API) Manager

Emile Senga (MCom Computing Sciences, 2010)
Emile was a Senior Developer and Team Lead for backend development at Yookos Micro-Blogging Network, where he focused on bug fixes and development of web services for mobile and web consumption as well as the development of backend components such as recommender systems. He is currently the API (Applications Programming Interface) manager at Yookos where his focus now is scaling the Yookos API to facilitate the development of new functionality and enable the Yookos platform to handle the growing number of applications accessing it. Additional responsibilities include community and business development, developer helpdesk and overseeing API development to ensure.


Business Analyst

Ronald Knoetze (MSc Computer Science and Information Systems, 2006)
Ronald is currently employed as a Senior Business Analyst by FlowCentric Solutions Australia, a Business Process Management company. This company focuses on helping various companies in many industries automate processes and integrate with various ERPs such as SAP, JD Edwards, QAD, Pastel and Accpac. His job includes conducting workshops, analysing problems experienced within a company, creating functional specifications based on requirements provided by the organisation, liaise with developers during the implementation phase, testing developed processes, training users, providing support and project management.

One of his recent projects involves working in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where the company was subcontracting for an Engineering firm who had a project with the Department of Transport. They took their paper based process of external customers applying for no objection certificates and automated the process, including all the business rules and automatic routing of the process. 


Business Intelligence Technical Architect

James Smith (BCom Hons Computer Science and Information Systems, 2001)
As a Business Intelligence technical architect James is responsible for architecting the Business Intelligence (BI) environment. Critical to this role is the need to interface with both business personnel (Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement etc.) and technical personnel to ensure the integrity of the BI environment.

He is currently implementing a BI solution at the Department of Defence (DOD). This project has various components to it. This project consists of various components. Firstly, there is the BI implementation that enables the user to create their own reports, analyse the data and present the data in various formats. Secondly, there is a score carding implementation which the Department of Defence use to capture their plans for the financial year and to monitor their performance against the plan. Lastly, there is a planning software implementation which allows them to build models for planning purposes. This software also enables the Department of Defence to do “what if” scenarios to enable them to make better decisions.


Current Students

Daniel Wood (BSc Computer Science 2009)
After graduating in 2009, Daniel moved to Cape Town and continued his studies at the University of Cape Town. He completed his BSc Honours Computer Science in 2010 and is currently in his last year of his MSc Computer Science qualification.

For his Honours project in 2010 his team investigated the effect that gestures would have on game satisfaction. This project, titled “Multi-touch Gestured-based Gaming: An investigation of the effect of gestures on game enjoyment”, won the “Best Computer Science Honours Project 2010”. He is currently conducting research towards speeding up the processing of massive cosmological halo-finding simulations using Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) and Graphical Processing Units (GPU).


Data Assurance

Matthew Lindner (BCom Rationum, 2001)
Matthew is responsible for providing data and assurance reporting solutions to a wide variety of clients for PwC in Houston TX. This includes the use of data visualization tools to implement continuous and close to real time monitoring for internal audit and business departments. Advanced data analytic techniques are used to re-perform complex client calculations and provide assurance to audit teams seeking to use data to test account balances efficiently through non-traditional means. Using data analytics also helps assurance teams with their fraud procedures over the general ledger specifically with regards to Journal entry testing. Testing includes identification of entries with unusual account combinations, unusual amounts, key word searches and user testing. Our team functions in an Energy and Healthcare hub with a significant number of clients operating in those industries.


Data Platforms Architect

Waged Nasser (BSc Information Systems, 2009) 
Waged is currently employed by eCentric Switch, a leading transaction switching company, which specializes in the development and supply of a range of advanced secure payment products and value added services.

He is working on the highest profiled project called MoneyTransfers, a system that allows you to send money throughout South Africa within seconds, without having a bank account whatsoever. They are the leaders in the market, circulating 10’s of millions daily.
While doing so he is an understudy to their technical director. He was selected as a candidate to take over the project and be shaped up as a Data Platforms Architect. He has to develop expertise to build enterprise-scale data solutions on-premises or in the cloud, and have to learn all surrounding technologies required: Security, Postilion, OO languages, Databases etc.


Enterprise CRM Strategy

Rozanne Stoman (BCom Rationum, 2002)
Rozanne fills a hybrid role as Enterprise CRM strategist, Lead Business Analyst, and Project Manager. She performs business development activities and introduces multiple business units to the Siebel enterprise platform. In this capacity, she builds business cases, communication plans, and is responsible for the Siebel application roadmap. She fosters relationships with key business leaders, users, IT business partners and enterprise architects, and runs an informal user steering committee which meets twice monthly to review cross-project progress and vision. She oversees functional design and QA functions and collaborates with the technical design team to ensure optimal re-use of functionality across divisions. At times, she provides coaching and support for new, dedicated Project Managers. She prepares project projections for annual budgeting and prioritization cycles. She also promotes customer Master Data Management principles within the organization. For example, she recently lead an initiative to build the business case for an Enterprise Customer Master Data Management deployment, alongside Oracle. In this capacity, she performed an evaluation of existing business processes that use customer information, then collaborated with business analysts across other functional areas to share this knowledge, in order to promote a cross-functional understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this sphere.


Group IS Manager

Cesare Castignani (BCom Computer Science, 1987)
Cesare worked as a programmer and analyst programmer from 1986 to 1992, after which he was appointed Regional IT Manager for SA Breweries (Eastern Cape). He worked at SAB for 9 years in IT management. His focus areas were initially financial systems and later production manufacturing systems. In 2001 he took up employment at Oceana Group Limited in Cape Town, heading up the IS function. His portfolio includes management and delivery of the full spectrum of IT and IS related activity for the business.


Head of ICT

Keith Gibson (BSc Hons Computer Science, 1984)
Keith started teaching Computer Studies and Mathematics in 1987 at Alexander Road High School in Port Elizabeth in 1986. He then became Head of ICT Department – Computer Applications Technology (CAT) and Information Technology (IT). He had the privilege of serving on the Ministerial Committees for the National Curriculum Statements that paved the way for the introduction of the NCS and more importantly CAT and IT presented a paper at the World Computer Conference in Education in 2005. He also co-authored several Mathematics, Science, CAT and IT textbooks and served as an examiner and moderator for CAT and IT for the East Cape Education Department. He is currently serving as the national Internal Moderator for CAT. He has the extraordinary privilege of working with some brilliant minds and personalities every day of his life and even had three ex-pupils teach with him.


Quality Assurance

Maciej Siwak (BSc Information Systems, 2010)
Maciej is working in a Quality Assurance position at CompRSA, Port Elizabeth. COMPRSA is a dynamic software development company in South Africa, specialising in web-based business solutions development and outsource software development. The company provides turnkey vested outsourcing solutions, staff augmentation, Quality Assurance, implementation consultants and general offshore development and support services to enterprises worldwide. Quality Assurance includes:

  • Technical testing (Load, Stress, Security and Performance tests)
  • Software testing and test management
  • Test process assessment/improvement
  • Automated tests
  • Full software integration testing
  • Usability testing
  • Release cycle testing


SAP BI, EIM/CRM Consultant

Vincent Mutuswa (BSc Information Systems, 2010)
Vincent role in his company is to make sure that he accompanies implementations of SAP BI, EIM and CRM solutions. He does the initial demonstration for the client. Then he comes back during the implementation and do the realization phase of the clients software by making sure that it fits the business rules to the SAP software. This implies doing the programming in SAP ABAP or configuring these rules. He furthermore creates report templates for businesses and make sure that the data being used is clean data via the use of the SAP Information steward. He does Business Intelligence dash boarding for the SAP BI.


SAP PI Support Engineer

Akash Singh (PhD Computer Science, 2012)
The core of Akash's job is to ensure that the SAP dreams of their customers are realised. As a support engineer he is responsible for ensuring that the SAP system runs and runs optimally on their customer IT landscapes. This is a very exciting career path and has allowed him to make the best use of the skills and knowledge that he have acquired whilst studying at the NMMU Department of Computing Sciences. His degree and his career allow him to feel connected with the world and to make a difference everyday with the millions of companies that run SAP.


Senior Software Developer

Juan Meyer (BSc Hons Computer Science, 2007)
Juan joined First Matrix, a financial software firm, in Canada mid 2009. He had the pleasure of working for two clients of the then S1 in this role. The first client was one of the biggest ATM and Banking service providers in Ontario. He developed new applications and maintained some existing in-house Java code. In addition he participated in operations deploying and testing code in staging environments and finally in production environments. He participated in the inception of their chip-card issuance implementation. The second client was with the biggest retailer and one of the largest credit card issuers in Canada. He assisted with issue resolution of their S1 licensed software infrastructure. During this time, he also designed and implemented a credit card tokenization system, which by the time he left Canada, had been used to secure the details of over 20 million credit cards in their data-warehouse. (The non-functional requirements of the system included a sub 10 millisecond tokenization operation. He managed to achieve this with a margin of ~10% using a custom built tokenization DBMS built on "Oracle Sleepycat".)

Shuron Admati Berger (BSc Hons Computer Science, 2007)
Shuron is working at Moblin Datomo Ltd, a leading mobile advertiser in Israel. He is positioned as a senior software developer and system architect, serving data mainly to the various mobile platforms. He deals with systems business logic and services to the creation of mobile application, services and all round company needs. He is involved with Business Intelligence whenever need and tracking business solutions exists on the web the company produce to its clients.

He develops these software using Microsoft platforms such as WCF/MVC/C#/SQL/Win & Web service, all server side, and a bit client side if needed. As a graduate at NMMU, he knows that all his current needs relates to work, he achieved after hard work at university. 

Thanks to the amazing Computing Sciences Department that delivered me a very high quality of knowledge. Could not study at a better place.


Software Developer

Muhammad Bilal Emamboccus (BSc Information Systems, 2011)
Muhammad is currently employed as a Software Developer at The Code Group, a Software and Web Development Company in Port Elizabeth. He code, test, debug and maintain software systems. He and his team use various computer languages such as C#, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP.NET and HTML.

He has worked on a project called Booksure, an online booking system that use a secure credit card payment gateway. This system has been developed for accommodation establishments such as guesthouses, B&Bs, lodges, villas, self-catering establishments and backpacker inns all over South Africa. The first phase of this project was successfully published online at the end of February 2012. This phase of the system enables the establishment to manage their establishment, bookings and the processing of online payments. He recently started working on the second phase of the Booksure system that includes the fixing of certain bugs, modifying the system based on reviews from the users and implementing the real time enquiry base where guests could make their booking in real-time mode.

Ryan Hill (MCom Computer Science and Information Systems, 2009)
Ryan joined Open Box Software as a Software Analyst in 2010 and became passionate for software Quality Assurance. Since he has joined the company, he has performed Quality Assurance work on several software applications that fall under the Global Reporting suite of applications for Tishman Speyer, one of the leading owners, developers, fund managers and operators of real estate in the world.

Since he joined the company, his primary responsibility has been with the development team working on the Global Budgeting System for Tishman Speyer. Due to the size and nature of this system, the application had to be planned, developed and deployed to production in several releases and planned enhancements over a lengthy period of time. Release 1 went live at the end of 2010. Release 6, a mid-size addition which allows the capturing of 'Travel and Entertainment' expenses, was deployed to production for the 2012 budgeting cycle in May 2012. He now functions as the Project Manager and team lead for the Global Budgeting System, Global Data Mart, and Global Reporting applications.

As a senior Quality Assurance analyst, his contribution to Open Box has taken on an advisory role. Early in 2012, together with 3 other senior colleagues, they founded the Quality Assurance Centre of Excellence - a forum whose mission and objectives are met through information sharing, reviewing, training, consulting and mentoring other team members at Open Box Software.

Devereaux Joubert (BCom Rationum, 2009)
Devereaux is currently completing his last module to obtain his BCom Honours in Computer Science and Information Systems. He is the Software Development Director at The Code Group. This company was started with a fellow graduate in 2008 after they won the Software Design Category at the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition in 2007. In 2010 they placed third in the Software Development Category at the Microsoft Imagine Cup. The Code Group company, in Port Elizabeth, currently employs 5 other developers, 4 of which are NMMU Alumni. As Software Development Director, he is involved with Project Management, Business Analysis and some of the development on the Custom Software Solutions that they provide to their clients. He is also the Community Lead for the local developers community called Port Elizabeth.Net, which meets once a month and provides educational sessions to the local developers on various topics.

He has been involved with several projects such as:

  • Motocross Timing System using RFIDs which is in the process of being rolled out across all the National Motorsport South Africa races in South Africa
  • Electricity Usage Monitoring and Management System that is currently being used in various countries around the world (UK, Serbia, Malaysia, and the US to mention a few)
  • Secure Online Payments System for Guesthouses – includes a Guesthouse Admin System, Secure Payments portal on their websites, Call Centre Administration and a Support System
  • SharePoint Portal for the Human Resources Department at a large Goldmine in South Africa
  • Cross Platform Development, focusing on Blackberry’s 
  • Various other Business Administration Systems aiding business managers and staff alike

Nick Goossens (BSc Hons Computer Science, 2006)
Nick is the Chief Technology Officer in his development team at Toodu, a Cape Town based business that believes there is a better way for people to find and engage with local businesses. They match people’s needs to businesses that can help. These businesses then reply to the user who can compare and review these replies and decide who they want to deal with. The company was launched in January 2011 and have been growing ever since. They currently have over 2000 businesses registered and a fast growing user base of over 12000. Their product is built on the Microsoft stack using ASP.Net MVC, MS SQL Server, etc. and hosted at Rackspace.

Andrew Grant Lloyd (1990)
In Andrew's first year at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University he believed that he was studying to become a Charted Accountant but after doing a Computer Science module, which was compulsory for the Charted Accountant qualification, his passion for Computer Science ignited. Subsequently, he went on to obtain his MSc.

For the past 20 years he held various positions in the business Softline which publishes financial software including Sage, Alchemex, Pastel, VIP, Accpac, Netcash and various other major financial business brands. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Softline which is now part of a FTSE 100 company called Sage Software in the United Kingdom where he holds a position on the technology board of the global Sage organisation. He is currently in the process of defining his area of research to pursue a PhD in Computer Science.

Brett Skinner (BCom Hons Computer Science and Information Systems, 2005)
Brett is a developer at one of South Africa’s leading SMS providers, SMSPortal. He developed the initial routing system which was responsible for routing, filtering and terminating their traffic. The system is quite heavily threaded and makes use of non-blocking concurrent collections introduced recently in .Net. Recently he ran an exploratory project investigating the viability of using an inference engine based on Bayesian Probability to filter out spam. The background for this work he acquired through Expert Systems studied at NMMU. The project was a huge success and drastically decreased the number of false positives as well as identifying as new forms of spam they had not yet picked up. This work will be included in an update of their platform.

He was responsible for developing their SMPP platform. SMPP is a protocol used in the industry to communicate between various SMS entities. He wrote their SMPP libraries in C# as well as their own SMPP components that allows them to communicate directly with the networks. A colleague then later used these libraries to create a server so that they can accept connection from other SMPP enabled parties.

Grant Woodford (BSc Hons Computer Science, 2008)
Grant is an employee at Open Box Software. He has worked on some of the development of the Global Budgeting System that caters for the capturing and management of budgets for a property development company. He was particularly involved in some workflow surrounding dispute management of budgets. He has also been working on an application to automate some employee Access Management Processes. This application integrates with an HR system that is currently being replaced with a SaaS solution. As a result of this switch-over there is a lot of data migration that needs to take place which he is involved with. The most recent project he have been involved in is the development of a migration tool that will be used to migrate approximately 70 Gigs worth of documents from one document storage application into Microsoft's SharePoint.

Various technologies were used for the development of these projects such as C#, .NET 4, LINQ, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, HTML, CSS, Windows Services, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SharePoint 2010, Windows Forms and Web Services.


Technical Lead

Jaco van Wyk (BSc Hons Computer Science and Information Systems, 2006)
Jaco have been working at Dimension Data Europe since December 2007. In that time, he has grown from a junior role into managing his own team of developers predominantly focused on Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow but which spans to Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing. His main area of focus has been business system integration between SAP and (1) developed BPM solutions for real-time integration (2) batch integration for BI and DW. The most notable project he has worked on is an integration project between SAP and their SaaS hosted Service Delivery platform. This integration allows multi-million dollar contracts to be integrated to a platform where engineers and customers alike can work with and view mission critical operational data. He has been lucky enough to be exposed to a fast paced business environment that is culturally diverse and allows him to travel across Europe to engage with other DD employees.


Test Analyst

Ankur Vaidya (BCom Computer Science and Information Systems, 2012)
Ankur performs test requirements extractions and analysis reviews test plan execution log track to resolve defects. This includes:

  • Perform Regression Test (Existing functions)
  • Create design steps from Test Cases in Test Director
  • Execute System Validation Plan (New Function)
  • Liaise with the Business Analyst and technical teams in order to compile test scripts
  • Upgrade existing test scripts to effectively test enhancements and new requirements
  • Execute automated test scripts
  • Co-ordinate and schedule testing activity required by external parties
  • Understand and analyse test results
  • Manage testing defects
  • Involve relevant business staff in quality assurance testing analysis
  • Contribute towards content of procedure guides and manuals for business users

No coding is involved here at all, except for basic SQL queries that are run in order to query the database for information. It is ideal for someone that is not strong at programming but has a keen eye for detail and analysis.