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Computing Sciences


Congratulations to Andre Calitz, Marco Pretorius and Kayode Ayankoya who are co-authors of these papers.

Moving the Focus to the User: Personas for Rural Area Users of Digital Services. 

Marco Pretorius (Department of Computing Sciences)  and Irani Sangham (Graduate School of Business).

Resident’s Support for Business Events in a City – An Exploratory Study. 

M.D.M. Cullen; A.P. Calitz and D. Hastie

A Framework for the use of Social Media for Political Marketing: An Exploratory Study. 

Kayode Ayankoya, A.P. Calitz and M.D.M. Cullen.

Social Team Building for MBA Study Group Cohesion. 

M.D.M. Cullen and A.P. Calitz                              

Project Management for Strategic Management Implementation in the Energy Sector.

M.D.M. Cullen, A. P. Calitz and M.Nel.