Beets, Simone Yvonne 
Using Information Visualization Techniques To Support Web Service Discovery
Supervisor: Prof JL Wesson

Joubert, Jean Pierre 
AC3P: An Architecture Using Cloud Computing For The Provision Of Mathematical PowerPoint Content To Feature Phones 
Supervisors: Prof CB Cilliers and Prof JH Greyling

Sams, Ivan 
Using Multi-Touch Interaction Techniques To Support Collaborative Information Retrieval 
Supervisors: Prof JL Wesson and Dr D Vogts


Koorsse, Melisa 
An Evaluation Of Programming Assistance Tools To Support The Learning Of It Programming: A Case Study In South African Secondary Schools 
Promoters: Prof CB Cilliers and Prof AP Calitz

Scholtz, Brenda Mary 
A Framework For The Adoption Of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems In Higher Education 
Promoters: Prof AP Calitz and Prof CB Cilliers

Singh, Akash 
Designing Adaptive Interfaces For Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 
Promoter: Prof JL Wesson

van der Post, Leda Helen Jess 
Creating A Space For Integrative Education Within The Sciences 
Promoters: Dr NLO Cowley and Dr L Barnard

van Tonder, Bradley Paul 
Enhanced Sensor-Based Interaction Techniques For Mobile Map-Based Applications 
Promoter: Prof JL Wesson