Barlow, Sherwin Riaan 
Using an Intelligent Self-Service Solution to Support Telecommunication Service Provisioning 
Supervisor: Prof JL Wesson and Dr NLO Cowley

Ferreira, Cornel 
A Data Warehouse Structure Design Methodology to support the Efficient and Effective Analysis of Online Resource Usage Data 
Supervisor: Prof C Cilliers and Dr B Scholtz

Matthews, Timothy 
Sketch-based Digital Storyboards and Floor Plans for Authoring Computer-Generated Film Pre-visualisations 
Supervisor: Dr D Vogts and Mr K Kaudé

Twigg, Gianni Gurshwin
Using Mobile Information Visualisation to Support the Analysis of Telecommunication Service Utilisation 
Supervisor: Prof JL Wesson and Dr NLO Cowley


Pretorius, Marco Cobus 
A Methodology to Institutionalise User Experience in a South African Provincial Government 
Promoter: Prof AP Calitz