Alnseerat, Nemr
An Architecture for the Effective use of Mobile Devices in Supporting Contact Learning
Supervisor: Dr D Vogts and Prof JH Greyling

Burger, Clayton
A Hybridisation Technique for Game Playing using The Upper Confidence for Trees Algorithm with Artificial Neural Networks
Supervisor: Prof CB Cilliers and Dr MC du Plessis

Ditta, Mohammed Ali
Designing Multi-Touch Tabletop Interaction Techniques to Support Co-Located Group Information Management
Supervisor: Prof JL Wesson and Dr NLO Cowley

Snyman, Irene
A Framework for Co-Located Collaborative Business Process Modelling using Touch Technologies
Supervisor: Prof AP Calitz and Dr BM Scholtz

Tlebere, Thabo Eugene
A Model for Supporting Environmental Awareness in Higher Education using Social Media
Supervisor: Dr BM Scholtz and Prof A P Calitz

van der Hoogen, Anthea Vivian
An Enterprise Architecture For Environmental Information Management and Reporting
Supervisor: Prof AP Calitz and Dr BM Scholtz


Naudé, Kevin Alexander 
A Method for the Evaluation of Similarity Measures on Graphs and Network-structured Data 
Promoter: Prof JH Greyling and Dr D Vogts

Ntawanga, Felix Fred
A Context-aware Model to Improve Usability of Information Presented on Mobile Devices 
Promoter: Prof AP Calitz and Dr L Barnard