IBC (International Business Conference)
Zanzibar, 15 September

Jason, B., Pretorius, M.C. and Calitz, A.P.
Added Value of Usability and Eye Tracking Techniques in Design Evaluation for Expert and Non-expert User Interfaces.

Ntawanga, F., Calitz, A.P. and Barnard, L.
A Model for Dynamic Product Information Display as an Internet Service.


Southern Africa Institute for Management Scientists (SAIMS)
Port Elizabeth, 14 September

Jason, B. and Calitz, A.P.
Adaptive Computer User Interfaces for Business Software Applications.

Ntawanga, F., Calitz, A.P. and Barnard, L.
Customer Profiling as a Service on the Internet.


SAICSIT (South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists)
Vaal River, 13 - 14 October

du Plessis, M.C.
A Hybrid Neural Network and Minimax Algorithm for Zero-sum Games.

Hill, R.T. and Wesson, J L.
Model-based Design of an Adaptive Mobile Tourist Guide.

Pretorius, C.J., du Plessis, M.C. and Cilliers, C.B.
Toward an Artificial Neural Network-based Simulator for Behavioural Evolution in Evolutionary Robotics.

Singh, A. and Wesson, J L.
Evaluation Criteria for Assessing the Usability of ERP Systems.

Vogts, D.
Plagiarising of Source Code by Novice Programmers a "Cry for Help"?


SATNAC (Southern African Networks and Applications Conference)
Ezulwini, Swaziland, 30 August - 2 September

Hill, R.T. and Wesson, J L.
Designing an Adaptive Mobile Tourist Guide.

Ntawanga, F., Calitz, A.P. and Barnard, L.
A Customer Profile Model using a Service-Oriented Architecture.

Senga, E., Calitz, A.P. and Greyling, J.H.
An Adaptive User Interface Model using a Service Oriented Architecture.

van Tonder, B. and Wesson, J.L.
Investigating Sensor-based Interaction Techniques for Mobile Map-based Applications.


Uppsala, Sweden, 26 - 28 August

van Tonder, B.P. and Wesson, J.L.
Design and Evaluation of an Adaptive Mobile Map-Based Visualisation System.


International Conference on Computing and ICT Research (ICCIR)
Kampala, Uganda, 2 August

Jason, B. and Calitz, A.P.
A Model for the Adaptation of Contact Centre Computer User Interfaces.

Greyling, J.H., Cilliers, C.B. and Yeh, C.L.
Developing a Set of Requirements for Algorithm Animation Systems.

Pretorius, M.C., Calitz, A.P. and van Greunen, D.
The Evaluation of Information Visualisation Techniques Using Eye Tracking.


International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS)
Milan, Italy, 6 - 10 May

Singh, A. and Wesson, J.L.
Improving the Usability of ERP Systems through the Application of Adaptive User Interfaces