Journals/Book Chapters

The Journal of Studies in International Education (JSIE)

Jooste, C., Calitz, A.P. and Cullen, M.

"The Influence of Safety and Security on a Student’s Choice of University in South Africa"


Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS)

Van Belle, J.P., Scholtz, B., Njenga, K., Serenko, A. and Palvia, P.

"Top IT Issues for Employers of South African Graduates"

Taylor, E. and Calitz, A.P.

"The Use of Industry Advisory Boards at Higher Education Institutions in Southern Africa"


IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology (AICT) series by Springer Science and Business Media

Scholtz, B., Kapeso, M. and Van Belle, J.P.

"An Internet of Things (IoT) Model for Optimising Downtime Management: A Smart Lighting Case Study"

Smuts, M., Scholtz, B. and Wesson, J.L.

"Issues in Implementing a Data Integration Platform for Electric Vehicles Using the Internet of Things"


Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management (IJIKM)

Scholtz, B., Van Belle, J.P, Njenga, K., Serenko, A. and Palvia, P.

"The role of job satisfaction in turnover and turn-away intentions of IT staff in South Africa"


World Scientific Publishing Co.

Njenga, K., Scholtz, B., Van Belle, J.P. and Serenko, A.

"Information Technology Issues in South Africa"


Springer Verlag

Du Plessis, M.C. and Scholtz, B.

"Applications for Computational Intelligence in Sustainable Manufacturing"

Nyumbeka, D., Wesson, J.L. and Scholtz, B.

"Selecting Scheduling Algorithms for Charging of Electric Vehicles in Photovoltaic Powered Microgrids"

Hinrichs, M. and Scholtz, B.

"Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets in university students to address sustainability development goals for Africa"


South African Computer Journal (SACJ)

Scholtz, B. and Mloza-Banda, C.

"Applying theories for using non-monetary incentives for citizens to participate in crowdsensing projects"

Chiridza, T. and Wesson, J.L.

"A Model for A Smart Home to Support Safety and Risk Monitoring for the elderly living Independently"


African Journal of Disability

Kyazze, M., Wesson, J.L. and Naudé, K.

"A Framework for Designing Ambient Assisted Living Services for Disabled Individuals"


Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

Pretorius, C.J., Du Plessis, M.C. and Gonsalves, J.W.

"Evolutionary Robotics Applied to Hexapod Locomotion: a Comparative Study of Simulation Techniques"


Water SA

Grové, B. and Du Plessis, M.C.

"Optimising intra-seasonal irrigation water allocation: Comparison between mixed integer nonlinear programming and differential evolution"



Woodford, G. and Du Plessis, M.C.

"Complex Morphology Neural Network Simulation in Evolutionary Robotics"


Conference Papers

Conference on Information Communications Technology and Society (ICTAS)

Van der Hoogen, A., Scholtz, B. and Calitz, A.

“A Smart City Stakeholder Classification Model”



Smuts, M., Scholtz, B. and Wesson, J.L.

“A Machine Learning Model for the Prediction of Energy Consumption in Electric Vehicles”



Okuah, O., Scholtz, B. and Snow, B.

                “A Grounded Theory Analysis of the Techniques Used by Social Media Influencers and their Potential for Influencing Environmental Awareness”

Tokosi, T. and Scholtz, B.

                “A Classification Framework of Mobile Health CrowdSensing Research: A Scoping Review”

Ho, B., Vogts, D. and Wesson, J.L.

                “A Smart Home Simulation Tool to Support the Recognition of Activities of Daily Living”



Scholtz, B. and Futcher, L.

                “An Investigation into Best Practice Approaches for Computing Research Programmes in South Africa”


4th International Conference on the Internet, Cyber Security and Information Systems (ICICIS)

Alhassan, M. and Scholtz, B.

                “Understanding the role of ICT in South African Sustainable Manufacturing Practice (SMP)”

Moyo, M., Scholtz, B. and Alhassan, M.

                “A Data-Driven Decision-Making Model for the Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Industry”


European Conference on Digital Government (ECDG)

Khulekani, Y., Scholtz, B. and Wagner Vom Berg, B.

                “Benefits and Applications of Social Media Analytics (SMA) as a Potential Solution for Citizen Relationship Management”



Westraadt, L., Calitz, A.P. and Cullen, M.

                “Guidelines for Managerial Decision Making in Smart Cities: A South African Perspective”

Cullen, M., Calitz, A.P. and Boshof, F.H.

                “Factors Influencing Female Students Engineering Career Choices”



de Villiers, J. and Calitz, A.P.

                “Using Blockchain Associated Technologies to Create a Supplementary Tool for Web-archiving”


INNS Big Data and Deep Learning conference

Watt, N. and du Plessis, M.C.

                “Dropout for Recurrent Neural Networks”


3rd International Conference on Intelligent Systems

Du Plessis, F.H., Du Plessis, M.H. and Gibbon, T.B.

                “Analysis of Ant Colony Optimization on a Dynamically Changing Optical Burst Switched Network with Impairments”


Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA)

Du Plessis, F.H., Du Plessis, M.C. and Gibbon, T.B.

                “Ant Colony Optimization on An OBS Network with Link Cost And Impairments”


3rd IEEE Conference on Robotic Computing

Phillips, A. and du Plessis, M.C.

                “Towards the Incorporation of Proprioception in Evolutionary Robotics Controllers”


6th European Conference on Social Media (ECSM)

Fashoro, I. and Barnard, L.

                “Conceptual Framework for Government Social Media use: Combining Citizen and Government Perspectives”


2019 Best Paper Awards

2019 Best Paper Runner-Up Award

Moyo, F., Scholtz, B., and Alhassan, M.

"A Data-Driven Decision-Making Model for Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Industry"

2019 Best Paper Award

Van Der Hoogen, A., Scholtz, B., and Calitz, A.

"Drivers, benefits and Challenges to Improve Access to Smart City Data in a Developing Country"