The Department of Computing Sciences presents several short courses during Nelson Mandela University’s two exam periods each year. The following courses are presented during June and November:


Introduction to Computers, Email & the Internet
In this one day course, you will be introduced to the basics of computer hardware, the Windows environment, email and the Internet. You will also learn to manage files and folders in File Explorer. The course is aimed at beginners with little to no experience with computers. It is highly recommended that new users attend this course before attending any of the application courses such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013
This one day course helps you to develop the skills necessary to create simple documents using Microsoft Word 2013. In this course you will learn how to create new documents, save and retrieve new documents, enter, edit and format text, use Word Themes, spell & grammar check a document, format tables and more.


Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013
This course shows you how to create workbooks, enter and edit data and perform simple calculations. All users unfamiliar with creating formulas and using functions to perform calculations should attend this course.


Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
You will learn to create effective presentations using PowerPoint. In PowerPoint you will learn how to use Themes, add slides using different layouts, insert ClipArt, edit and format text, copy, move and delete slides, edit the slide master and more.


Introduction to Microsoft Access 2013
In this course you will learn to create a database application that allows users to enter, store and organise a collection of information. This is a hands-on course, where you will learn the concepts through practical examples. It should be noted that this course concentrates specifically on the theory and practice of designing and implementing a database in Access.

Intermediate Microsoft Word 2013
This course builds on your existing skills to make you more effective in using Word. The focus is the use of features that make it easy to work with long, complex documents, such as styles, table of contents, varying page layouts and document sections. This course will be of particular benefit to those needing to type longer documents, particularly academic papers and business reports.


Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2013
This course builds on your existing skills to increase your knowledge of Excel functionality and help you become more effective in your use of workbooks.


Intermediate Microsoft Access 2013
This hands-on course is designed to build on a basic knowledge of the product and teach you how to perform many typical database operations and solve problems. You will learn how to build action queries that update the database, parameter queries, queries with calculations, forms and reports that require multiple tables and sub-forms/sub-reports. Most importantly, database design concepts will be used throughout. Exercises are designed to impart relevant skills and knowledge by having participants work through real-life examples and scenarios.


Introduction to Web Design (Using HTML & CSS)
In this course you will learn current best practices for creating web pages. The pages are built using HTML tags, and formatted with external style sheets (CSS).


Advanced Web Design
This course follows a user-centred planning process and applies effective design principles and guidelines that will help you to maximise the opportunities and minimise the problems that come with designing for the interactive technology of the web.

Please contact Mrs Desma Van Der Walt to register for a course or Hayley Irvine,
the short course co-ordinator, to find out more about the short courses offered.