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ICT Skills Shortage
Praat Saam (RSG, Afrikaans), November 2012 <Listen>

Watch our creative campaign to promote the 8th annual Eastern Cape ICT Summit!
Watch the yellow dot move
Watch as the aliens try to make contact
Watch how grains of sand tell a story
Watch how a vision unfolds through morphing

MathWars – Mobile Maths App (Befonk, RSG – Afrikaans)
Prof Jean Greyling and Prof Werner Olivier <Listen

Prepare for your IT Exam (RSG Befonk – Afrikaans)
Ms Carina Strydom (Grey) and Prof Jean Greyling (Nelson Mandela University) <Listen>

A career in IT is a good choice (RSG Befonk – Afrikaans)
Prof Jean Greyling <Listen>

IT Entrepreneurship (Befonk, RSG - Afrikaans)
Prof Andre Calitz <Listen>

Social Media Campaigns by First Year Class (Befonk, RSG - Afrikaans)
Prof Jean Greyling <Listen>
Stefan van Staden <Listen>
Ruhan Fourie <Listen>

ICT Skills Shortage Research
Praat Saam (RSG, Afrikaans), April 2011 <Listen>
Praat Saam (RSG, Afrikaans), August 2011 <Listen>
News bulletin (SAFM) <Listen>

Career Evening, July 2011
Baxter Mabinya, Internet Solutions <Listen>
Mark Fairweather, Open Box <Listen>
Mike Raath, Multichoice <Listen

Educational use of MXit (Befonk, RSG – Afrikaans)
Jean Greyling – Use by Nelson Mandela University <Listen>
Marisa Pietersen – Use by FAMSA <Listen>

Faculty of Science Graduation Ceremony (2012)
Brenda Mary Scholtz, PhD Graduate <Watch

Microsoft Hackathon (Kingfisher FM)
Clint Lee (3rd place) <Listen

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