The following first year level modules are offered:


Computing Fundamentals 

(WRFC101, WRFV101, WRFV1X0, WRF1141, WRFV101 , WRFC102, WRFV102)

Core content of the WRFC101 (or WRFV101, WRFV1X0, WRF1141, WRFV101) module:

  • Basic Computer Science theory
  • Basic operating systems concepts with special emphasis on file management
  • Using a Word Processing program
  • General report writing skills
  • Using a Spreadsheet program
  • Understanding formulas and functions
  • Preparing effective electronic presentations
  • Using the Internet and e-mail
  • Practical problem analysis

Core content of the WRFC102 (or WRFV102) module:

  • Identify, define and understand the various basic computer hardware and software
  • USe a word processing program to effectively work with long documents
  • Perform numerical analysis using a spreadsheet program
  • Create and edit simple web pages in a web site
  • Analyse and design a solution to general numerical and financial problems
  • Create and manage a database
Module Code Prerequisistes


WRFC101 or WRSC101 or WRFV1X0 or WRF1141 or WRFV101 or WRFV101

WRFV102 (Evening Group)

WRFC101 or WRSC101 or WRFV1X0 or WRF1141 or WRFV101 or WRFV101


Programming Fundamentals 

(WRAV101, WRAV102)

Core content of the WRAV101 and WRAV102 modules:

  • Implement basic programming structures
  • Implement, evaluate and trace searching (linear and binary) and sorting (bubble and insertion) algorithms, making use of arrays and arrays of objects

The current implementation language is C#.

Module Code



WRFC102 or
[co-enrolment with WRFC101/WRSC101 and Maths >= Level 4 (50-59%)] or
[WRFC101/WRSC101 and co-enrolment WRFC102]


WRAV101 and [WRFC102 or (WRFC101/WRSC101 and co-enrolment with WRFC102)]


Computing Fundamentals for Scientists 


Core content of the WRSC111 module:

  • Basic Computer Science theory
  • Using a Word Processing program
  • Using a Spreadsheet program
  • Introduction to scientific programming – problem solving, control structures, data representation
  • Using a scientific programming tool
  • Using Internet and e-mail
  • Problem analysis, theory and practice

This module is compulsory for Applied Mathematics students only.

Module Code Prerequisites

Only students taking Applied Mathematics