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Computing Sciences

The Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education

Scholtz, B., Calitz, A.P., Tlebere, T.
Evaluating Students' Social Media Use for Extra-Curricular Education. Vol. 9 Issue: 1, pp .5-23,

NextComp2017 Conference 

Mloza-Banda, C., Scholtz, B.
A gamified system for learning enterprise resource planning systems: investigating the user experience.

Smuts, M., Scholtz, B., Wesson, J.
A Critical Review of Factors Influencing the Remaining Driving Range of Electric Vehicles.

4th European Conference on Social Media

Fashoro, I., Barnard, L.
Motivations for Adopting Social Media as a Tool for Public Particpation and Engagement in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. 

Journal of Securities Operations & Custody 

Calitz, A., Everett, S., Greyling, J.
The case for a 'Sovereign' Distributed Securities Depository for Securities  Settlement.

South African Computer Journal (SACJ)

Calitz, A., Munro, D, Vogts, D.
"AARemu: An Outdoor Mobile Augmented Reality Emulator for Android".
Vogts, D., Lee Son., T, Wesson, J.
"Designing a Natural User Interface to Support Information Sharing among Co-Located Mobile Devices".
Kapeso, M., Scholtz, B., deVilliers, M.R.

"The usefulness and ease of use of mobile simulation application for learning of ERP systems". Vol 29(2).

Calitz, A., Greyling, J., Cullen, M.
"Industry versus Post-graduate Studies: CS and IS Alumni Perception".


South African Journal of Human Resource Management

Calitz, A., Cullen., M, Poisat, P.
"The future African workplace: The use of collaborative robots in manufacturing".

17th European Conference on Digital Government

Pretorius, M.
"Categorisation of Digital Government Service informed by User Research".

IEEE International Conference on Real-time Computing and Robotics.

Pretorius, C., du Plessis, MC., Mathys, C., Gonsalves, J. 
"The Transferability of Evolved Hexapod Locomotion Controllers from Simulation to Real Hardware".

Journal of Intelligent & Robotics Systems 2017.

Pretorius, C., du Plessis, MC., Mathys, C., Gonsalves, J. 
"Neuroevolution of Inverted Pendelum Control: A Comparative Study of Simulation Techniques".

Photonic Network Communications

Gravett, A., du Plessis, MC., Gibbon, T.
"A Distributed Ant-based Algorithm for Routing and Wavelength Assignment in an Optical Burst Switching Flexible Spectrum Network with Transmission Impairments".

South African Computer Lecturers Association Conference (SACLA).

Calitz, A., Greyling, J., Cullen, M.
"Industry vs Post - Graduate Studies: CS and IS Alumni Perceptions (full journal paper)".
Glaum, A., Calitz, A., Greyling, J.
"Evaluating Alumni Satisfaction of an CS/IS Department (conference proceedings)".

20th annual SATNAC conference.

Smuts, S., Wesson, J., Scholtz, B.
"A Design Model for Estimating the Remaining Driving Range of Electric Vehicles".
Barfknecht, N., Cilliers, C.
"Tyre Stockpile Image Classification"

International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology.

Calitz, A., Odendaal, P.
"The Usability Evaluation Of An Eco-Feedback Application".

African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure.

Calitz, A., Cullen, M., Nyamutsambira, K.
"A Marketing Framework for Events in Nelson Mandela Bay". Vol 6(4), 1-19.
Calitz, A., Cullen, M., Hunt, N.
"Destination Marketing of Towns and Cities: Citizens as Stakeholders". Vol 6(3)


Fashoro, I., Barnard, L.
"Challenges to the Successful Implementation of Social Media in a South African Municipality". 
Wesson., J., Cowley, L.,Brooks, C.
"Extending a Mobile Prototyping Tool to Support User Interface Design Patterns and Reusability". 

6th International Conference on Perfomance Evaluation and Modeling in Wired and Wireless Networks, Paris, 2017 (IFIP).

Oladipo, J., du Plessis, M.C., Gibbon, T.B. 
"Implementation and Validation of an Omnet ++ Optical Burst Switching Simulator".

Handbook of research on Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries (IGI 2017).

Scholtz, B., Loleka, S., Koorsee, M.
Understand and Adoption of e-Finance in Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in Developing Countries.