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The weekend’s Hackathon (79 students registered) was a great success. Students enjoyed the technical challenge and were impressed by the high level of technical support they received from the Derivco people throughout the period. A big thank you to Lester for months of negotiations and huge marketing drive made this happen and the technical team JR (Friday 17:00 – Saturday 04:00) and Charl (Saturday 04:00 – 14:00) for invaluable technical support.



Have you signed up for the Derivco Slice of Source,

18 hour hackathon at your campus?

Don’t miss the chance to win great prizes from Github, Derivco and Microsoft

as well as a great opportunity to write code and make awesome games

with the ultimate code ninja’s of Derivco!

Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch will be served to all attendees.

Redbull and plenty of caffeine will be on offer to keep your creative juices pumping!

Sign up here: