International Conference on Enterprise Systems (ES)
Cape Town, 7 – 8 November

Connolley, A., Scholtz, B. and Calitz, A.P.
An Analysis of the Adoption and Usage of Enterprise Architecture.

Ferreira, C., Cilliers, C. and Scholtz, B.
The ATDM Methodology to Support the Design and Implementation of an Enterprise Data Warehouse.


SAICSIT (South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists)
East London, 7 – 9 October

Burger, C., du Plessis, M.C. and Cilliers, C.B.
Design and Parametric Considerations for Artificial Neural Network Pruning in UCT Game Playing.

Hibbers, T., Cilliers, C.B., Barnard, L. and Koorse, M.
MIDD - An Architecture for Inter Domain Mobile Content Distribution.

Naudé, K.A.
Green16 - A frugal CPU architecture.

Ntawanga, F., Calitz, A.P. and Barnard, L.
An Integrated Logical Context Sensor for Mobile Web Applications.

Pather, D., Wesson, J.L. and Cowley, L.
A Model for Context Awareness for Mobile Applications using Multiple-Input Sources.

Snyman, I., Scholtz, B. and Calitz, A.P.
The Usability of Collaborative Tools: Application to Business Process Modelling Tools.

Tchankue, P., Wesson, J.L. and Vogts, D.
Using Machine Learning to Predict the Driving Context whilst Driving.

Vogts, D., Naudé, K.A. and Matthews, T.
Sketch-based Interfaces: Drawings to Data.


Annual Conference on World Wide Web Applications (za.www)
Cape Town, 10 – 13 September

Kamuhanda, D. and Barnard, L.
A social learning support facility for computer science students.


IBC (International Business Conference)
Seychelles, 2 – 6 September

Calitz, A.P., Cullen, M.D.M. and Scharneck, J.
A Framework for the Governance of Social Media in the Workplace.

Calitz, A.P., Cullen, M.D.M. and van Oudtshoorn, C.
A Framework for Cross-Border Hospitality Expansion.

Connolley, A., Scholtz, B. and Calitz, A.P.
Achieving the Benefits of Business-IT Alignment Supported by Enterprise Architecture.

Cullen, M.D.M., Calitz, A.P. and Salie, N.
Muslim Women’s Participation in Family Businesses.

Cullen, M.D.M., Calitz, A.P. and von Hoffmann, E.
The Influence of Copreneurial Relationships on the Restaurant Industry.

Scholtz, B., Calitz, A.P. and Madau, N.
Success Factors for ERP Implementations Involving Management Accounting.

Scholtz, B., Halberstadt, J., Nicolai, A.T. and Schuricht, M.
An Investigation into Entrepreneurial Intentions, Motivations and Barriers for South African and German Students.

Schuster, C.L., Halberstadt, J. and Burger, C.
Methodological Trends and Challenges of Entrepreneurship Research.


Cape Town, 2 - 6 September

Beets, S. and Wesson, J.L.
Managing Personal Information across Multiple Devices: Challenges and Opportunities.


INTERACT African Masters Consortium
Cape Town, 2 September

Amanzi, R., Greyling, J.H. and Cilliers, C.B.
A Natural User Interface Game to Support the Teaching and Learning of Foundation Phase Movement Skills [Short Paper].

Jonamu, B., Scholtz, B. and Calitz, A.P.
A framework for management of environmental information at Higher education Institutions [Short Paper].

Kamuhanda, D., Barnard, L. and Koorsse, M.
Visualisation of the Usage Patterns of An M-learning System [Short Paper].

Kyazze, M., Wesson, J.L. and Naudé, K.A.
A Model for Managing Personal Health Records Using Mobile Devices in South Africa [Short Paper].


SATNAC (Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference)
Cape Town, 1 – 4 September

Beets, S. and Wesson, J.L.
Designing a Tool to Support the Interactive Visualisation of Personal Information across Multiple Devices.

Ditta, M.A., Wesson, J.L. and Cowley, N.L.O.
CollaGIM: Supporting Group Information Management on a Multi-touch Surface.

Kennedy, J. and Wesson, J.L.
Accessing Personal Information across Multiple Remote Devices.

Potgieter, T. and Vogts, D.
Using Natural User Interfaces to Support Distributed Collaborative Work [Short Paper].

Swanepoel, J., Vogts, D. and Wesson, J.L.
Using Proxemic Interaction to Support Co-located Group Information Management.


ITEE (International Conference on Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering)
Lüneburg, Germany, 10 – 12 July

Connolley, A., Scholtz, B. and Calitz, A.P.
Enterprise Architectures for Addressing Sustainability Silos.


HISA (Health Informatics South Africa Conference)
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, 3 - 5 July

Mukandatsama, C. and Wesson, J.L.
Designing a Mobile Pill Reminder for Elderly Users in South Africa.


Information Technology in Environmental Technology
Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg

Connolley, A., Scholtz, B. and Calitz, A.P.
Enterprise Architectures for Addressing Sustainability Silos


Journal for Development and Leadership

Cullen, M.D.M., Calitz, A.P. and Boschoff, L.
Characteristics of the Christian Entrepreneur: An Exploratory Study.


Educational Research for Social Change Journal (ERSC)

Calitz, A.P., Greyling, J.H. and Cullen, M. D. M.
The Influencers of Scholar’s ICT Career Choices.

Greyling, J.H. and Koorsse, M.
Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) Applications to Assist Learning in South Africa.


The Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation (EJISE)

Scholtz, B., Calitz, A.P., Cilliers, C.
Usability Evaluation of the Learning Process of a Medium-sized ERP System.


Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Scholtz, B., Calitz, A., Cilliers, C.
A Comprehensive, Competency-Based Education Framework Using Medium-Sized ERP Systems.


EngineerIT (February 2013)

du Plessis, M. C.
Developing new algorithms for photomosaics.