International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Applications (ICPCA)
Port Elizabeth, 26 - 28 October

Ntawanga, F., Calitz, A.P. and; Barnard, L.
The Comparison of an E-Commerce Website Implementation using Service and Object Oriented Architectures.


International Symposium on Web Society (SWS)
Port Elizabeth, 26 - 28 October

Pretorius, M. and Calitz, A.P.
The Use of Focus Groups to Improve an e-Government Website.


SAICSIT (South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists)
Cape Town, 3 - 5 October

Beets, S. and Wesson, J.L.
Using Informaiton Visualization to Support Web Service Discovery..

Burger, C. and du Plessis, M.C.
Does Chomsky Complexity Affect Genetic Programming Computational Requirements?.

Calitz, A.P., Greyling, J.H. and Cullen, M.D.M.
ICT Career Track Awareness Amongst ICT Graduates.

Calitz, A.P., Greyling, J.H. and Cullen, M.D.M.
The Accreditation of ICT Degree Programs in South Africa.

Joubert, J.P., Greyling, J.H. and Cilliers, C.B.
The Conversion from PowerPoint (PPT) to compressed Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGZ).

Matthews, T. and Vogts, D.
A Sketch-Based Articulated Figure Animation Tool.

van Tonder, B. and Wesson, J.L.
The Impact of Sensor Fusion on Tilt Interaction in a Mobile Map-Based Application.


IBC (International Business Conference)
Turtle Bay, Mauritius, 26 - 30 September

Calitz, A.P. and Barlow, S.
Customer Product Knowledge and Information Display Preferences.

Cullen, M.D.M. and Calitz, A.P.
Second Life as a Teaching Aid for Entrepreneurship in Business Schools.

Pretorius, M. and Calitz, A.P.
The Contribution of Eye Tracking to Brand Awareness Studies.

Scholtz, B., Calitz, A.P. and Cilliers, C.B.
Critical Competencies for South African ERP Consultants.


Lisbon, Portugal, 5 - 9 September

van Tonder, B. and Wesson, J.L.
IntelliTilt: An Enhanced Tilt Interaction Technique for Mobile Map-based Applications.


SATNAC (Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference)
East London, 4 - 7 September

Barlow, S., Wesson, J.L. and Cowley, L.
Towards a Model for Online Self-Service Telecommunication Service Provisioning.

Beets, S. and Wesson, J.L.
SerViz: A Tool for Interactive Visualization of Web Service Collections.

Ferreira, C., Cilliers, C.B. and Scholtz, B.
Towards the Design of an Efficient Data Warehousing Architecture for Analysing Online Resource Usage Data.

Sams, I., Wesson, J.L. and Vogts, D.
An Architecture to Support Mulit-Touch Collaborative Information Retrieval.

Tchankue, P. and Wesson, J.L.
Towards a Mobile Context Aware in-Car Communication System to Reduce Driver Distraction.

Twigg, G., and Wesson, J.L.
Towards a Model to Support the Visualisation of Telecommunication Service Utilisation.


SACLA (Southern African Computer Lecturer's Association)
Durban, 6 - 8 July

Feyt, L.E., Greyling, J.H. and Calitz, A.P.
An Investigation into the Need for Incorporating Software Testing and Quality Assurance into a Higher Education Curriculum.

Koorsse, M., Cilliers, C.B. and Calitz, A.P.
Programming Assistance Software Tools to Support the Teaching of Introductory Programming.

Nel, J. and; Barnard, L.
Shifting Systems Development Boundaries: Creating an Agile Experience in the Classroom.


The International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA)
Sicily, Italy, 28 June - 1 July

Calitz, A.P., Cullen, M.D.M. and De Jongh, P.
Factors Affecting Information Technology Implementation in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry: A Family Business Case.

Cullen, M.D.M, Calitz, A.P. and Offerman, J.
The Role of Governance in a current SA family Business.


South African Production and Inventory Control Society (SAPICS)
Sun City, 26 - 28 June

Mackay, M. and Calitz, A.P.
A Successful and Sustainable ERP Implementations.


ICEIS (International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems)
Beijing, China, 8 - 11 June

Singh, A. and Wesson, J.L.
The Design of Adaptive Interfaces for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems.


International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training (eLearning Africa)
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 25 - 27 May

Calitz, A.P., Greyling, J.H. and Cullen, M.D.M.
Graduate ICT Career Awareness.


IEEE SSCI (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence)
Paris, France, 11 - 15 April

du Plessis, M.C. and Engelbrecht, A.
Self-Adaptive Competitive Differential Evolution for Dynamic Environments.


Community Engagement: The Changing Role of South African Universities in Development
East London, 8 - 10 November

Koorsse, M. and Greyling, J.H.
Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) Application to Assist CAT Learners in South African Secondary Schools.


International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (Automotive UI)
Salzburg, Austria, 30 November - 2 December,

Tchankue, P., Wesson, J.L. and Vogts, D.
The impact of an adaptive user interface on reducing driver distraction.


HELTASA (Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa)
Port Elizabeth, 30 November - 2 December

Calitz, A.P., Greyling, J.H. and Cullen, M.D.M.
ICT 1st Year Career Choice Influencing Factors.

Calitz, A.P., Greyling, J.H. and Cullen, M.D.M.
Scholars ICT Career Interest Survey.

Calitz, A.P. and Hilmer, T.
Factors That Influence the Re-engineering of a Tertiary Institution Website.


European Journal of Operational Research

du Plessis, M.C., Engelbrecht, A. and Andries, P.
Using Competitive Population Evaluation in a Differential Evolution Algorithm for Dynamic Environments.